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The Lunchbox Season’s Yule Log Recipe Featured on HuffPost Canada Living

Our Yule Log Recipe Featured on huffington Post

Great news! The Lunchbox Season’s Yule Log Recipe, Hazelnut Bûche de Noël, was Featured on Huffington Post Canada Living as part of their sponsored feature on taking a new twist on tradition, Inventing a Holiday Dish for the Ages! Click on the screen shot below and check out all of the amazing recipes!

A New tradition

And, be sure to join us tomorrow on The Lunchbox Season for our Sneak Peek at our Fifth Annual Family Calendar 2015!  

HuffPost Parents Memory Project

Recently, the folks at HuffPost Parents, in partnership with Godlfish, asked a group of HuffPost’s Parent Contributors to recreate childhood recipes for their kids. This prompt turned into an inspiring afternoon with the kids. Without a recipe, I spent a few hours with Bea and Toby trying to recreate my Aunt Von’s Butterscotch Pecan cookies, but with a twist…We added chocolate chunks to sub in for the candy bars my Aunt and I used to break and press into the cookies when we ate them. We had a great time making the cookies, and the batch was gone in a heart-beat! The kids are already asking me to buy them the ingredients so that they can make a second batch.

Check out the full set of stories and recipe links on HuffPost Canada : Making Memories Parents Make their Favourite Childhood Snacks for their Kids

Then, read our individual story and access the full recipe on my family and lifestyle site:  The Lunchbox Season.

A Featured Post on Parentdish!

A Featured Post...

This week, I have a post featured on Parentdish Canada: Big Topics, Little Kids: Kids Books To Help With Hard Times.  The folks at Parentdish have partnered with TDReads spotlight parents who help their kids deal with tough times by reading books. Be sure to check out the Parentdish Article and My Featured Slide. Then, check out my original post on The Lunchbox Season!

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